IPL Series HS-620 SHR

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IPL Series HS-620 SHR


Brief description

IPL Series HS-620 SHR

  Factory direct sale IPL SHR ipl hair remover

  Support IPL SHR or EPL(IPL RF) one handpiece

  Interchangeable multifilters for different treatments

  Wavelength include: 420/510/560/610/640~1200nm, 690~950nm for IPL SHR

  Big spot size of IPL SHR: 15x50mm

  Eenrgy level 1~60J/cm2 adjustable

  Standard mode/ Professional mode/ SHR mode available

  Luxry 8″ ture color touch screen

  Best cooling system with copper radiator

  Support IC card and USB function

برای مشاوره و خرید با شماره های زیر تماس بگیرید
دفتر : 01332130526 یانی طب لیزر
تلفن همراه : 09137106334 مهندس حدادی
و یا از پشتیبانی آنلاین سایت استفاده کنید

Device ‘s Applications

 With new enhanced technology of fast repetition rate, high performance cooling system, more power capability supply, precise software design leading the hair remove procedure easy, safety, comfortable (pain free) and effective. HS-620 IPL SHR is applied to:

IPL treatments and skin rejuvenation.

Permanent ipl shr hair remover

Vascular treatment.

Dispel epidermal pigmentation.

Dispel the spots and freckles.

Acne removal.

Skin lifting.

IPL Series HS-620 SHR ‘s Specifications

high quality Apolomed HS-620   shr ipl hair removal machine pain free l


IPL SHR Model# HS-620
Wavelength 420/510/560/610/640~1200nm(standard)
690~950nm for IPL SHR mode
Spot size of IPL SHR 15*50mm
IPL SHR light Energy 10~60J/cm2
Pulse Duration 2~20ms
Pulse Sequence 1~5 pulses
Delay time 5~60ms
Intergrated skin cooling -4~0℃
Operation interface 8″ ture color touch screen
Drive Power 1,600W with IPL SHR mode
Working period Continuously working for 8~10 hours
Power supply AC85~130V or AC180~260V, 50/60HZ
Cooling system Air&water cooling circulation with copper radiator
treatment head with semiconductor cooling
Floor-Standing Optional
Dimension 63cm*46cm*42cm(L*W*H)
Weight 37kgs


Gender : Male / Female
Skin Type : Fair / Medium / Dark
Skin Hair Density : Fine / Medium / Bushy
Hair Type : Fine / Medium / Coarse
Hair Color : Light Brown / Dark Brown / Black

Apolo IPL Series HS-620 advantages in IPL Series HS-620 SHR

1.Important spare parts of handpiece are imported from Germany, U.S to assure steady quality,  long-time working,  safe and convenient peformance. Unique design of coil and cloth to protect the tube.

2. Portable and floor standing design for more choices.

3. Perfect cooling system to assure the temperature of the handpiece can cool down to 4°C in one minute and the highest no more than 20°C. The whole treatment will be comfortable and safe, efficient.

4.Japan imported capacity to assure the safe performance, two types of filters to clean out the impurities of the circulation water for constant high water speed and assure low-temperature cooling.

برای مشاوره و خرید با شماره های زیر تماس بگیرید
دفتر : 01332130526 یانی طب لیزر
تلفن همراه : 09137106334 مهندس حدادی
و یا از پشتیبانی آنلاین سایت استفاده کنید

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